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A story is as old as time...

NATALIA GUDINNI, a designer and new mommy, welcomed her baby girl Maya into the world in 2008.

When being a successful recruiter, she was staying at home and planning Maya's christening day she realized that the market is very poor and everything she was planning for Christening was not even in possible to get. She designed her first christening outfit (still on our site - see LACE Collection), but the problem was to get good quality cotton and lace. After endless tries she managed to sew her baby girl Christening Outfit with personal embroidery and little tiny booties. Then, in a month time her friend asked for another christening set. And from this moment Ms Guddini started the business of her heart.


We put modern, classic and vintage twists on christening clothes for boys and girls using the best quality textile and laces. Each season we tell stories through our collections as we create one-of-a-kind lace dresses, gowns, suits, blankets as well as standout accessories with special details so you will share special family moments with Battesimo. 

We also started producing our newborn welcome home collection that will give babies a warm welcome with the softest fabrics and laces.


Once, we started with the name Mimino, but later on we rebrand Battesimo. Why Battesimo? - Our main product is stunning christening clothes and mostly made with Italian lace - the word Battesimo meaning Christening in Italian is the perfect match!

Most of our employees are mothers who are totally devoted to Battesimo and everything we do! Every piece of clothes produced by their hands is a masterpiece!


To craft christening clothes that would catch your eye and soul at a revolutionary price point!