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Baby Baptism Guide

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Baby Baptism Guide 

We would like to talk in this article about following: 

  • what gifts to give a child to Baptism 
  • how to pick godparents and why 
  • if you are a godparent - how to be a good godparent 
  • what to wear at christening party 

If you are baptizing a child the church will talk about those courses like "Why we get baptized?".

You can be baptized in any age and by anyone but highly recommend to be christened by priest!

You will get your christening certificate that will be helpful for anyone who will marry in church or go to catholic school. 

Though it will be fun to figure out how to pick godparents. This is a big issue!

A lot of people say "Oh! They are very nice! I like the people!"

But who you should really pick to be your child's godparent is somebody who will take it seriously.

It is somebody who will pray for your child, talk about the faith, Jesus, church and Love of God.

They should be the good reflection of Christ!

And if you are being asked to be a godparent that is a huge responsibility as you should pray for that child forever! 

Now, let's talk about the gown!

It has to be white or ivory. It should be easily unbuttoned or unzipped. The style you have to choose according to your priorities! You will find Boys baptism robes and Girls christening gowns, Christening dresses or boys suits

Next - Holy Candles! 

Most churches have the hole candles provided but some churches will ask you to bring holy candles! 

Holy Candles are usually decorated with lace, flowers etc. as they are sacramental! 

Usually people hold them forever! 

We offer a great choice of candle holders with personal embroidery! 

Such candle holder will be a nice present for your godparents! 

Let's talk about the present for a priest! 

A Little icon will be a great choice! You can give money in an envelope also!

Some churches will ask you to pay for the baptism as every church is different with that! 

But keep in mind that giving a little present for them will be quite polite and generous! 

Presents for godparents 

That would be great if you think about your godparents and welcome them with little presents

that will always remind them about your child! 

If your budget allows you you may present them catholic jewelry like bracelets, angels, crosses, rosary etc.

You may also present them a sacrament cross or a statue of Mary or Jesus! 

And now - what presents to prepare for the godchild? 

It's a good way to present them a jewelry like crosses, angels, rosaries, etc. 

We are offering unique christening jewelry

What else you may add to your presents that is completely free but very touchy - it's holy water in a jar

You may take a beautiful container or a jar for water (bottle), and after they baptized your child you may sneak away and you just put holy water from the bowl, and then you put the cover on and put this jar with your gifts! 

It's very sacramental and free and a great idea! 

You may also get a Bible as a gift! 

Most people will have a little christening party! 

Think about the venue and menu! 

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