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Baptism during pandemic

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While planning baby’s baptism take the guidelines into account that could prevent gatherings of more than 10 people indoors even if the venue and the room is huge! 

These kinds of restrictions require careful preparation in order to carry out memorable baptism during pandemic.

These general instructions can be helpful when it is needed for a child to be baptized during pandemic. 

1. Choose best baptism VENUES to hire  

Choose the desired venue according to your needs. Still restrictions during pandemic might require some additional guidelines such as gathering restrictions especially indoors. Make a decision on whether to organize the event indoors with less people wearing masks or possibly outdoors, considering whether wearing or not wearing masks is necessary and considering on how to keep safety clearances between people is also a matter of thought. 

2. GUESTS to invite for baptism ceremony 

Restrictions in gatherings will for sure matter in choosing which quests to invite. If the amount of people allowed to gather indoors is small, you may need to, for example, refrain from inviting all the relatives for baptism during pandemic. Try to squeeze in only the most relevant people. Also consider the most weak ones in terms of pandemic, if they should be present at all. 


Nowadays it is possible for every Joe to arrange remote event though available internet services such as Zoom or Teams. Remote event might not feel like enough, but in these circumstances it is a real option and the amount of people participating in the baptism could be much higher than if everyone would be present physically. It is also possible to organize hybrid event, including remote but also local component. Consider on how you feel about these options and decisions accordingly.

4. MASKS - what are the restrictions during pandemic

Using masks could be obligatory or just a recommendation, depending on the situation. You may need to make up you opinion on using masks during the baptism. For this you should probably also consult you local community. 


Accepting help from you close ones and relatives is now and in these kind of situations more important than ever. Let people help you in organizing the event. Usually they want to help, but are just waiting for instructions on how to do it. 


THESE KIND OF OCCASIONS ARE MEMORABLE POINTS IN ONES LIFE and hence deserve to be recorded somehow, if not only to ones memories. Think about how to arrange a remote baptism through Zoom during coronavirus. The benefits of using Zoom for broadcasting and recording the event is that you can lock the screen and force mute participants. After the actual baptism part you may discuss with the guests or record the best wishes from each of them. You might want to tell the guests some backgrounds to the event, how you appreciate the guests participating on the hardest of times and mention what is next in the agenda if any. This might be a garden party in an hour Or what ever comes to your mind. Therefore it is essential to have a secondary camera recording. 

  • First, let’s look at planning. Check out the venue for nice perspectives for video and power outlet locations. Test the light in the church. Especially old building might sometime be tricky to be used for broadcasting purposes. And remember to check if the internet connection works properly and hence enables broadcasting the event. Old and thick church walls might sometimes disturb the connection. Please ask for help the church personnel as they may know some tips. 

    So, lets look at the needed accessories: 

    • cellphones and laptop is needed for broadcasting and recording through Zoom. Check if there is enough space for recording and that the battery is in sufficiently good condition.  
    • chargers and extension cords. Better to prepare for this with charges for each camera. You may also use power banks for cellphones. 
    • camera stands. 

    Better to visit the venue before to make sure voice, internet and power outlets were proper for broadcasting. Arrive in half an hour and check the following: place the stand, install the cameras and form connection to zoom call, some of the guests already online waiting as instructed. 

    Discuss with the priest and the godparents on how the event has been planned. The baptism event lasts for an hour, including speeches, signing and post baptism discussions. Only 10 people are allowed to enter the room for the baptism during pandemic including the baby, priest, parents and the godparents. 

    Also you should learn what are the restrictions during the pandemic. 

    After church event you may have outdoor event where more guests can attend physically. 

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