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Catholic Christening in Austria

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Catholic Christening 

Little Boy Dion from Austria was christened in our ROYAL christening gown the design of which is based on famous christening gown of English Royal Family. 

This full-length christening gown has been loved by our clients for over 10 years.

This is a true heirloom gown that will be perfect for Her or His baptism day! 

Ruffles all over the sleeves and on its body, as well as along the gown and down on skirt make it rich and super luxury! 

Comes along with hat, booties and personalization.

Though 8 royal babies were christened in the honeyton lace and white satin gown first used at the christening of James Viscount 7-th in 2008.

The cream baptism outfit is a replica of the intricate lace and satin christening gown made for Queen Victoria's eldest daughter. It was created by the Queen's Dresser Angela Kelly and features the same length skirt and elaborate colors and bows as its predecessor.

The original robe made in 1841 year was made for Princess Victoria - the first child of Queen Victoria. Then the gown was worn by the Prince of Wales the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry among 62 others royal babies and has now been carefully preserved according to tradition. 

Tradition of wearing a long christening gown started back in 18-th century. It symbolizes long and prosperous life.

The replica was used for all royal baptisms until lady Louise Windsor in 2004 along with Viscount 7 Louie, Prince George, Prince Charlotte, Prince Luis, Lord Frederick Windsors' daughter Maud, Zara Tyndall's little girl Mia. 

The water used for Louie's Catholic christening in the Chapel Royal at James's Palace will be the Holy Water from from the River Jordan where it is said Jesus was baptized by John the Baptism.

The ornate silver gilt lilly part of the crown jewels will also form part of the proceedings baptisms and are a must for Windsor babies.

Thanks to the Queen's role as defender of the faith and Supreme Governor of the church of England, royal infants are often welcomed to the Christian faith (Catholic Christening) within weeks when they have been born:

  • In Louie's case the ceremony comes just over two months after his arrival on 23rd of April
  • Prince George was a little older and was 3 months old when he was christened 
  • Prince William was baptized on August 4-th 1982 at the age of six weeks 
  • the Prince of Wales was 1 months old at his own christening 
  • the Queen was just 5 weeks old when she was christened 
  • Princess Charlotte was christened at the age of 2 months 

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