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Choosing a Good Godparent

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If You Are Asked To Be A Godparent Or You Are A Godparent You Said These Vows And Its Very Important What You Said And What You Vowed To. 

First We Will Say The Vows Of The Parents And Then The Godparents Vows To Support These Vows. So, the priest is telling you: 

  • "You are taking responsibilities of training him or her in the practice of the faith. It will be your duty to bring Him or Her up to keep god's commandments and as christ taught us by loving god and our neighbor. Do you clearly understand what you are undertaking?" - and Godparents say "YES!"
  • "Are you ready to attend one dance recital every year for the next 17 years even though you don't want to" - And Godparents Say "YES!"
  • "are you ready to help the parents of this child in their duty as christian parents?" - And Godparents Say "YES!"

if you said "YES" then you have to live it with your life. That is the basic simple truth.

Even if its difficult morally you must take this into account - these are vows that you say.

Are you gonna lie in the future or have you been lying? Probably not! 

Here are the requirements simply put on godparents based on the vows of the parents. and the godparents in the right number: 

  1. they have to practice the faith. It means all the tenets of faith: going to Mass on sunday, at least going to confession once a year, receiving the Eucharist at least once a year. But if you're going to confession you're going to mass for probably receiving more. You are vowing to do that. 
  2. Strive to keep the commandments. some people think - commandments hold us down and make us less free. commandments set us free to follow god and to fulfill who are called to be. they're like railings on the bridge that allow you to go fast because you feel safe and you cannot go over the side. the vows do not say that you have to strive commandments perfectly but you have to avoid spiritual laziness when you are not trying at all.
  3. Strive to pray for your godchildren.     
  4. Strive to love god and neighbor. you shall not have idols or you basically out god first before Everything, to shalt not take the lord's name in vain and keep holy sundays. and you strive to love neighbor. we can't just profess with our mouths and come to church and say we're christians - we actually to follow it up in our lives and how we interact with people. 

If you are vowing to raise this child in a catholic faith and the best way to do that is with your life. Pope pole the sixth said that the world listens to witnesses more that it does to teachers. but if it listens to teachers its because they are witnesses.  

Godparent shall live the faith shall live the faith as an example. if that's what you do than you would be being a good godparent. 

Choosing a godparent you have to think about good catholic family members.

But what about those friends or family members who are protestant or not catholic but you desire for them to choose them to be godparents or be a part of the ceremony? Can that happen? - absolutely.

Obviously the rule of a godparent which the only has to be one godparent - official godparent's sponsor only one has to be catholic. Official role of the godparents - main responsibility is to raise this child in a catholic faith. They are called christians witnesses - they stand the place of godparent and they answer all the questions along with any godparent that's chosen any catholic godparent. 

so, there are christian witness just astro priests and he will guide you along the process of choosing godparents - Greek christian witnesses for your Catholic children. 

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