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Christening photography checklist and tips

While you are going to make photos of your baby christening you may choose one of those:

to hire a professional church photographer or to organize photo shooting by yourself.

But remember that christening is once-in-a-lifetime event, it's something that would never happen again -

so be sure you will have the picture to remember upon. 

So, if you are inviting a professional church photographer, please pay attention to the following:

  • He/She should ask about your needs - what kind of photos you would like to have - for social media, family portraits, etc. What story you will be telling. Discuss how many people would be on location, whether the priest would like to make photos. The event can be captured in a realistic manner 
  • Visit the location with photographer and speak with the priest. Do's and Don'ts - is flash ok, as some of them are finding this distressing using flash. And other may ask to use just some parts of location. You need to know what line you cannot cross, and where it is you can go. Ask him is it allowed to make photos after christening in the church. 
  • If the flash is not ok - your baptism your photographer shall bring the lighting and it has to be battery powered. Even if you are not allowed to use the lighting you may use it for family portraits and to make some beautiful photos after ceremony. 
  • Discuss the time! Will he comes before the ceremony, or will he/she stay after.  
  • Dress appropriately for baptism ceremony and ask your guests to use certain colors - like ivory, light blue or pink, light grey (but not something bright like red, dark colors, etc.) 
  • Think about staged photos. Most of the story is about child's baptism but still the photographer shall make pictures of your family, church, baby's cross, baby's christening outfit, etc.  As usually during baptism there is a little mess with baby and guests so it's better to make staged photos - bring the samples of what kind you would like to have and be patient to do this! 
  • Book your photographer beforehand - like in 2-3 weeks before 
  • Be ready also with a camera to make photos by yourself and ask guests to take some photos on their phone! 
  • Think also about video shooting - so hire professional - then you will have your best story of one the most important event in your baby's life! 

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