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How do you prepare for a child's baptism

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Baptism Preparation.

if you are preparing your child being baptized you will see the beauty of the sacrament of baptism and the importance of baptism in our catholic faith.

Catechesis on baptism:

  1. Christian initiation
  2. sacrament of faith
  3. effects of baptism
  4. choosing of Godparents
  5. baptizing infant
  6. Rite of Baptism (Scenario) - during covid 19

a question that you should ask yourself

why do you want your child to be baptized,

why is that important to you

and this should be something that you consider carefully because of what baptism entails the rights and responsibilities that go along with baptism.

a common reason to have the children baptized because it's an initiation in our catholic faith and that is correct. the catechism of the catholic church says that baptism is the sacrament of initiation.

The three sacraments of initiation are - baptism, confirmation and the holy eucharist.

these lay the foundation for every christian life - the sharing of divine life given to men through the grace of Christ bears a certain likeness th the origin, development and nourishing of natural life.

The faithful are born again by baptism, strengthened by the sacrament of confirmation, and receive in the eucharist the food of eternal life. (Catechism of the catholic church, 1255)

as you choose who you wish to be godparent for your child

just be aware that the church does say that one of them has to be catholic

any other can be a cristian.

although it is preferred that both the godfather and the godmother are practicing catholics.

who are able to give a good example.

some thimes the parents choose a godparent who lives very far away due to family relations or other reasons and while this is allowed you have to consider how much of an influence, how much of a witness those people can be good godparents.

they are taking on the responsibility of showing the child how to live being a witness and a model of a true catholic life. just be aware that sometimes people who live far away may not be the best suited to be a godparent because they are unable to be a witness and to be a model a godparent entails.

another effect of baptism is that it erases original sin. the sin that each one of us is born with.

The sin we inherited from our first parents - Adam and Eve.

baptism will impart into your child the moral and the logical virtues.

The most holy trinity gives the baptized sanctifying Grace and this grace enables them to believe in god to hope in him and to love him.

Rite of baptism

  1. baptism also will impart into your child the moral 
  2. At what age is it better to baptize a child?

  3. What day is the christening scheduled for?

  4. Choice of godparents.

how to prepare, the baptism of the child, at what age to baptize the child, on what day to baptize, the choice of godparents. (4000 символов)

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