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How to baptize a baby in a catholic church? Catholic Baptism

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Baptism - is The first of the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church as the gateway to your spiritual life. 
A sacrament is an outward sign of an inward grace instituted be Christ. 

Why is this sacrament so important for Catholic Baptism, as well as all christians?

We tend to think of john the baptism as the first baptizer. But there was in fact the jewish community called the Essenes, who lived by the very strict rules and immersed themselves in water to wash away transgressions. and the jewish religion uses Water for purification rituals. 

So the idea to use water to baptize a baby or an adult to wash away sins was not entirely new to the catholic church

As John said: "I baptize with water but one is coming who will baptize you with fire" (Matthew 3:11) 

Historically this brings us to jesus coming to john and asking to be baptized. so jesus was baptized in the jordan river, and from that moment on, he began his formal public ministry. 

so even for jesus who would never have any sins to be washed away, this ritual was not just symbolic, it was the beginning of a new path. 

Christ said: "no one can enter the kingdom of god without being born of water and spirit" (John 3:5) 

just like real birth is necessary for physical life, baptism is necessary for spiritual life. 

After the resurrection and before his ascension, jesus told his disciples to go out and baptize new disciples in the name of the father, son and the holy spirit. 

the Catholic church calls this a trinitarian baptism

so in catholic baptism the following is involved - water, Washing and words. 
water is a powerful symbol. water is the first sign of life. all life on earth had its beginnings in water, and in baptism the spiritual life has its beginnings. the water of baptism cleanses the soul and quenches the thirst for god's love.

immersion is where the person being baptized is completely dunked underwater. Sprinkling is where water is simply poured over the head of the person being baptized. 

To baptize a baby in a catholic church means being baptize though triple immersion, or by the sprinkling of water three times over the forehead. 

there are three additional elements when you baptize a baby in a catholic church: Chrism, Clothing and a candle. 
the first element, chrism, is olive oil scented with balsam. the oil is blessed by the bishop as a special mass during holy week. olive oil symbolizes new life because of thousands of years it's been used to add richness to food and to heel, and strengthen. in Greek the word "KRIZMA" means oil. 

The second element is the white or Ivory with light blue or pink colors christening garment needed to baptize a baby in a catholic church. the white or Ivory color symbolizes the new life christ has given them. 

the third element is the baptismal candle, which indicates they have been enlightened by christ. 

all these physical elements and symbols point to god's actual activity in and through the sacrament. 

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