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Royal Christening in Philippines with Battesimo

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The congressman of Philippines Alfred Vargas and his beautiful wife Jasmin

welcomed their son Cristiano to Christian World!

We are proud that Little Cristiano was baptized in Battesimo Christening Set from Elisei Collection - Christening gown Elisei, modern christening suit for a boy, accessories - booties, cap and the bib. 

Royal Christening in Philippines took place with Battesimo! 


Christening is a symbol that stands for something else like a wedding ring your parents or adults are wearing and it shows that they are married. If they are taking the ring off it doesn't make them less married. It is just the symbol of their commitment to another person.

Christening is a symbol that you are choosing to follow Jesus for the rest of your life.

It's a symbol of you deciding to leave all behind the times where you didn't obey Jesus or you didn't choose to follow him. 

  • Why We get christened? 

It's surely not the same thing as to be born again and it's also will not take you to heaven. 

Christening is an outward sign of inward change. It's a way to tell people I follow Jesus! 

  • What is the story with the water?

We all know that John dunked Jesus underwater and when he brought him back up something incredible happened:

the Heavens opened up and the Holy Spirit descended down on Jesus like a dove.

Then the God's voice rang out and said "This is my beloved son in whom I'm very pleased".  

When you become a part of God's family He says the same thing about you!

When Jesus went to the cross he took all of the sins of the whole world on himself.

When He died He paid for all of this. When He came back to life three days later He offered all of us a new life free from all of that sin. 

That's what Corinthias 5.17 says "If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation: the old has gone, the new is here." 

When we make the decision to follow Jesus our old self dies. Water symbolizes our old self dies and being washed away.

Now when God looks at you he sees you as a new one) He sees Jesus in you! 


Happy Royal Christening, dear Cristiano! 

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