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The role of Godparents. Responsibilities

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  • "will you be responsible for seeing that Child You Present Its Brought Up In The Christian Faith In Life" - "I Will!"

  • "will You Be Responsible For Seeing That Child You Present Its Brought Up In The Christian Faith In Life" - "I Will!"

    What you are saying as godparent before almighty god and the rest of us is that his is not a rite of social passage. this is not something to get the kid done, this is not to protect the child superstitiously get some bad malady that will befall them and god forbid something should happen to them that they'll be received into the pearly gates.

    Well, that's sort of lovely and charming possibly but it is not what we are doing. When we baptize people into the life death and resurrection and the full meaning of jesus christ not to get too serious about it. but it is revolutionary rebellious act that you are about to participate in, You are essentially conspirators with us. conspirator the word conspirator comes from the word spirit and con with we are breathing with god. we are conspiring with god to do something radical and revolutionary and make no mistake about it. that is what baptism is.

    you are promising to bring this child up into that conspiracy that by your life, your example, the kind of person you are, how you live your life, how you pray, how you work, whom you work for, what you do and sacrifice for others.

    All this will be visible to this child as they grow. They will see who they are intended to become. they can come to church hour or two a week as they grow uo in sunday school, they might get confirmed to go through a confirmation class, and how often do they see you as parenting. they will see you more than priest in church.

    So, if they grow up without faith and you don't blame the church for that. That is your responsibility for your prayers and your witness to help this child to grow up in in the full statute of christ.

    jesus is caught as much as taught. the church community is part of this worship services and is going to stand with godparents.

    So, that's Your role as godparents. what we are doing a baptism is truly radical and revolutionary. Now let's get to that point.

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