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Collection ANASTASIA for girls christening

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Anastasia Baptism Silk Blanket

$69.00 Ex Tax: $69.00

Stacey Baptism Silk Blanket Anastasia Collection  White And Ivory Color  Lace D..

Anastasia Silk Baptism Gown

$89.00 Ex Tax: $89.00

Stacey Silk Baptism Gown  Anastasia Collection  White And Ivory Color  Venic..

Anastasia Silk Dress for Girl

$79.00 Ex Tax: $79.00

Stacey Silk dress for Girl Anastasia Collection White And Ivory Color Venice Lace&nbs..

ANASTASIA Lace Bubble Romper

$119.00 Ex Tax: $119.00

Anastasia Girls Bubble Jumpsuit Anastasia Collection White And Ivory Color 100% Cotton Cotton..

Anastasia Silk Bonnet

$29.00 Ex Tax: $29.00

Stacey Silk Bonnet Anastasia Collection White And Ivory Color Lace Details Silk Satin Make..

Anastasia Baby Booties

$19.00 Ex Tax: $19.00

Stacey Lace Booties Anastasia Collection White And Ivory Color Lace Details Silk..

Anastasia Baby Hairband

$9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00

Anastasia hairbandAnastasia Collection White And Ivory Color Silk RibbonVenice LaceSoft St..

ANASTASIA Cross Pillow

$9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00

ANASTASIA Cross and Ring PillowAnastasia Collection White And Ivory Color Lace Details Silk..

ANASTASIA First Curl Box

$29.00 Ex Tax: $29.00

Anastasia Cutie First Curl Box Anastasia Collection White And Ivory Color Lace Details Silk S..

ANASTASIA Candle Holders

$39.00 Ex Tax: $39.00

Anastasia Collection White And Ivory Color Lace Details Silk Satin Enhance the ambiance of a..

Anastasia Baby Bib

$9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00

Anastasia Collection Ivory Color Lace Details Polished Cotton Anastasia Baby Bib Looking..


$9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00

Anastasia Cross Bag Anastasia collection White and ivory color lace details silk satin - a beau..

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Collection ANASTASIA for girls christening is our true heirloom!

Very popular christening outfits and you can easily see why. You will not find such lace anywhere else - that's the perfect choice for your girls christening. Here you can see a baptism blanket and a long christening gown with accessories. As an option we may add her embroidered name, or christening date on the blanket or booties. All our christening clothes are designed at home. 

It is made with fine 100% cotton, gorgeous embroidered lace and batiste lining.

The collection is presented in two colors - pure white and rich ivory.

Lace bonnet, booties, headband, cross holder are here to make her christening look complete and perfect.

You will pass from generation to generation this baptism gown.  

You will find here a shorter dress with the same lace with matching bloomers. 

The collection also offers a shorter silk blessing dress, that comes with her matching bloomers. You can use also Anastasia headband together with a dress on the after christening party, or for a contemporary baptism ceremony. if you pair christening booties, christening bib together with baptism set your daughter will cherish it for years.

Make her Baptism a special day that won't soon be forgotten.