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MAYA Blanket with Pink Bow

$51.00 Ex Tax: $51.00

Baby girly blanket with pink bow Is Made with polished cotton which shimmer like silk. fully li..

MAYA Bonnet

$19.00 Ex Tax: $19.00

Bonnet MAYA is an elegant headdress created especially for baby girls. It has a shape that is v..

MAYA Booties with Bows

$19.00 Ex Tax: $19.00

White baby booties with pink bows are the best choice for any white dress but the perfect one to pai..

MAYA Dress with Pink Bow

$49.00 Ex Tax: $49.00

A baby's dress with a pink bow MAYAwill be a great solution if your baby needs to find an outfit for..

MAYA First Curl Box

$19.00 Ex Tax: $19.00

First Curl Box from collection Maya is made with polished cotton and decorated with a pink bow...

MAYA Long Baptism Gown

$79.00 Ex Tax: $79.00

Long Baptism Gown MAYA will be a beautiful christening outfit for girls under the age of one! It loo..

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