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10 Baptism Gifts for Boys

We would like to offer you a few tips on how to choose a baby gift for an infant baptism.

If you have received a baptism invitation in the mail, you know it's a significant event, a special celebration where only close family and friends are invited.

You may be completely unsure of what gift to give for the baby boy, but it's important to give a gift for the baptism.

Particularly if you're not Catholic, you may not be certain about what Catholics typically give to Catholic children on their baptism day. Therefore, we are going to provide you with a brief overview of some popular gift choices.


Any of these would be great for either a baby girl or a baby boy on their baptism day.

  1. The book. The most popular is bible. leather bound Bible will impress the parents of baby boy but it worse it. So you may to decide which to buy - for kids or for adults. when the child gets older, they can read about their baptism and how they became a child of god. a good choice is also a book "My baptism day", there also some baby record books and the parents can actually mark in the book the child's baptism day, their first communion and thier confirmation when they get older.
  2. Guardian angel with little wings - plushy toys like bears, bunnies, etc. they will look really great in the baby's crib and it's just a simple little gift that the parents will appreciate and the baby will like playing with when they get older.
  3. Baptism cross. it may be a cute kiddie cross with a little lamb. They have "Baptism" on the top and it says "You are a child of God". so, a kiddie baptism cross would be really nice or you can get a more grown up cross and the child can keep as they get older. We had a lady on our Instagram page comment that her husband had a baptism cross and he still kept it and they still have it up in their house. It was a more adult looking cross. so, you can certainly choose a kiddie one that's going to look great in the nursery now or can choose a more adult one that the child can definetly keep as a keepsake when they move off to their home or get married. Have it personalized and it becomes a really special way to remember their baptism day.
  4. Crib medal. better if it has a little ribbon so can tie it to the crib. there are different words on medal - like "God bless this child" etc. with blue ribbon - a good choice for a baby boy.
  5. snow globe with sleeping baby. angel or cross. there are figurines for both indoor and outdoor, people really love it. sometimes there words like "Dear God, please watch over me. The world is so big and i'm so small!"
  6. Personalized keepsakes for keeping and icon or first cutted curl. We have a lot of variations - so please choose which you like most. They can be accompanied with personalized small booties for baby.
  7. Personalized wooden box. it may have the boy's name on front.
  8. Rosary. It can be wooden - most popular, or made with ambra, or pearls if you want to make your gift more perfect.
  9. Golden spoon. the most popular gift for baptism. it costs money but this gift can be present to really close ones.
  10. Baby Christening jewerly. you may find a lot of ideas what to buy for the baby boy as a gold or silver present. It can be an angel




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